Mixed Metal Mimi {SHAWL PINS}

Mixed Metal Mimi {SHAWL PINS}

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Mixed Metal Mimi is designed and created on Vancouver Island, BC.

"Mimi Roy, has always shared an affinity with the past. Mimi has a keen eye for turning up treasures; she can find copper in clutter, silver in salvage, and bits of brass in bygone boxes. Not only do these vintage plates, platters and serving trays speak to a different era, they also boast beautiful, intricate patterns which Mimi transforms into stunning pieces of wearable art."

Each discovery Mimi makes is different from the next. As a result, no two pieces of jewelry are alike. “There is so much history in these finds,” Mimi says, “and a lot of mystery hides in their imperfect and tarnished surfaces. And if someone brings me a treasured family heirloom to work with, there is often an entire story. I feel honored to help keep such special family memories alive.”

'Saving the planet one platter at a time' 


Shawl Pin could also be used as a hair pin. It's approx. 3" x 2" and the stick is 5" long