Cernunnos Farms {PILLAR CANDLE}

Cernunnos Farms {PILLAR CANDLE}

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Cernunnos Farms is dedicated to producing high quality all natural products. Our beeswax candles are 100% beeswax, locally source from Canadian bee keepers, and each candle is handmade in our facility. All of our wax is triple filtered (down to 1 micron!) to ensure the cleanest wax and a smooth burn through the whole life of the candle.

Why beeswax? Beeswax is the only true environmentally friendly wax. We all know paraffin is petroleum, but most other waxes also have huge environmental impacts. Farming and processing of Soy especially is a major contributor to deforestation and has a huge carbon footprint. We at Cernunnos Farms are committed to using only 100% beeswax to maintain our environmental standards.

Beeswax is also a premium wax. It is the slowest burning wax, meaning you get a lot more flame time from a beeswax candle than other waxes. Our 9" pillars will burn for approx. 120 hours! The light spectrum from a beeswax candle is also different than other waxes, being a more complete spectrum and much closer to natural daylight. Then there is the sweet honey scent of all of our beeswax candles. Sure to delight the senses and make your home feel fresh and welcoming!



Bloom - Approx. 3" pillar candle with a flower inspired design. Available in Green and Natural.